“Type conversion” as catalyzed by severe disturbance

Researchers at Western Colorado University seek your help in better understanding the meaning of vegetation, site, or ecological type conversion as catalyzed by severe disturbance, particularly in reference to western North America.  They are interested in how extensively, where, and in what vegetation types this phenomenon occurs, whether it is viewed as a management concern, and how it may be addressed.  If you would like to weigh in on this topic, browse to the 5-8 minute online survey here.  The survey closes on the Ides of March.

For additional information or discussion, contact:

Jill Morgan Young

Masters Environmental Management (MEM) – 2020
Research Assistant – Forest Ecology – Fire Science and Soil Science
Research Fellow – Center for Public Lands

2019 PNW SRM Summer Workshop, Cache Creek, BC, June 25-27

2019 PNW SRM Summer Workshop, Cache Creek, BC

The PNW Section Summer Tour will be held June 25 to 27, 2019 in Cache Creek, British Columbia, a town located at a historic transportation junction with its roots dating back to the Gold Rush days. Cache Creek is located about 1-hour west of Kamloops and was impacted by the 2017 Elephant Hill wildfire which burned 191,865 ha and resulted in the evacuation of the entire town. Fittingly the theme for the tour is “Rangelands and Wildfire: Responding to issues arising from the 2017 and 2018 wildfire seasons in the Car- iboo-Chilcotin”. The tour will include stops and discussion on multiple topics including: 1) trees versus grass – how to address this debate post fire, 2) burn severity maps – calibration of these maps and their role in post-fire planning (forestry, grazing, seeding etc.), 3) hydrology – issues relating to soil erosion, water quality and reclamation, and 4) grazing post fire – the challenges regarding animals returning to the range. Mark you calendar now! Registration information will be posted on the website and sent out in the early spring of 2019. For more information on this event you can contact the coordinators Tim Ross, ‭(250) 427-6470‬ or David Borth, (250)319-4305.

December 2018 Newsletter

Greetings from Wendy Gardner launch the December newsletter as she assumes the reins as new PNW Section President.  Wendy thanks outgoing officers and board members and introduces new.  Newsletter editor Jenni Moffitt skillfully presents articles reviewing the annual meeting in The Dalles, honoring new awardees, announcing a March 2019 grazing conference in Pendleton, OR and our summer meeting in Cache Creek, BC, and concludes with an update from Barry Irving of the Parent Society.  Download the newsletter here.