Exemplary Service Awards

The Exemplary Service Award recognizes either long-term or short-term exceptional efforts, activities, involvement, leadership, and/or personal commitment given for the benefit of the society, its members or the range/resource environment itself. The contributions being recognized must stem from activities undertaken within the geographic area of the PNW Section.


2018  Yvette Gibson

2017  Tom Platt

2016  Bob Ehrhart

2015  Pat Shaver

2014  Wendy Gardner

2013  Sandy Wyman

2012  Will Keller

2011  Craig Obermiller

2010 Michael Borman


2009   Kevin Guinn

2008   Lavona Liggins

2007   Brian Haddow

2006   Michael Borman

2005   None Awarded

2004   Susan K. Holtzman

2003   The PNW Newsletter Team

2002   Andrea Mann

2001   Jim Brunner

2000   Robert J. (Bob) Leonard


1999   None Awarded

1998   British Columbia Chapter

1997   John A. Tanaka

1996   Ben F. Roche

1995   None Awarded

1994   None Awarded

1993   None Awarded

1992   Chad Bacon and Grant Harris