PNW-SRM Awards

Trail Boss Award 2005: Don Blumenauer

Don is one of the best known, most respected, and consistently loved members of PNW – and there is ALWAYS a twinkle in his eye. As a BC Agrologist and Range Extension Specialist for 34 years, Don was a true teacher. He is a rangeland manager, livestock planner, rangeland rehabilitator, weed control expert, & photographer! He knows how to build, log, and farm, too!

This was quietly said to Don recently, but it needs to be repeated for all to “hear”. “You have made my life and my profession better in many ways. What a wondrous thing it is to have a professional colleague who can provide strong academic and technical support and at the same time be a generous, fun, and delightful companion and friend! You have been an inspiration not only to me, but to so many others over the years. Thank God there are no signs of this stopping!”