PNW-SRM Awards

Trail Boss Award 2008: Mike Malmberg

Mike Malmberg is a long-time supporter of the PNW Section of Society for Range Management. He has served in nearly every capacity, including as our President in 1994. He is active in the parent-level of the Society, having served on numerous committees and projects, and most recently as chair of the Parent Society’s Awards Committee – where characteristically, he brought a “touch of class” to the ceremonies and to the readings of the successful candidates’ resumes.

In his career with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in British Columbia, Mike was a valued and respected spokesperson for natural resources, for individuals who are professionally and personally affiliated with the land, and for rangeland ecosystems in BC and across all of North America. Following his retirement, Mike remains active in the field as a consultant and attending workshops which insure that he remains up-to-date and sharp in all aspects of the resource and the issues which affect them.

Mike is a tireless volunteer for the PNW and a marvellous technical resource for the rangelands of the world. To all who know him, Mike is a wonderful friend, trusted colleague, fine human being and a strong voice for what is right and proper. He is respected and loved for who and what he is … a range person and a good man.