PNW-SRM Awards

Exemplary Service Award 2010: Michael Borman

Bright-eyed, ramrod straight, clear thinking, and straight shooting former Marine, Michael Borman, is OSU’s Rangeland Ecology & Management Department Head. Dr. Borman is serving during very trying times. In spite of dwindling resources in terms of personnel & financial flexibility, Michael strives to find workable solutions to extremely difficult challenges. Though the Department, at the Corvallis campus, has lost students, faculty, staff & budget, it has not lost a champion in Dr. Borman. We can be extremely proud of the steadfast way with which Mike has dealt with these difficulties.

Michael has never lost faith in the profession of range management or the people who are tied to this land. Just knowing that he represents range management not only at OSU, but across the PNW region and the nation is a great comfort. Michael, we are proud to recognize you as a stalwart and dedicated professional.