PNW-SRM Awards

Trail Boss Award 2011: Greg Tegart

Rangelands of British Columbia are better understood and managed as a direct result of Greg’s technical skill, resource understanding, and ability to direct people toward reasonable, rational and sustainable decisions. He has organized many tours and tecnical sessions at the local and regional level. His ability to “paint a word picture” is strong – and he uses that strength to help lay persons understand the value of a sustainable, working environment.

In addition to being a steward of rangelands, Greg has been a responsible member of SRM, leading the PNW Section in many roles, and ultimately serving on the Board of our international, parent society. The mark of a well-designed program/tour/brochure/presidency/or career is that the bumps in the road have been smoothed to the point that most people don’t even recognize that there has been a talented effort – tirelessly at work – to insure that the right things happen at the right times! We are proud to recognize our Trial Boss, Greg Tegart.