PNW-SRM Awards

Trail Boss Award 2012: Tim Deboodt

For nearly two decades, Tim has monitored water relationships under both managed and un-managed areas of juniper encroachment in Central Oregon. This study has definitively proved that the water lost from a site due to juniper presence is not always what one sees: groundwater re-charge has proven to be the critical factor in the semi-arid landscape. One may not see dramatic changes in surface water flows, but capturing raindrops where they fall and storing them in the soil profile is HUGE! Tim has served SRM, assisted landowners, influenced decision-makers and taught students of all interests. As an OSU educator, Tim has led the way for clear rangeland improvemenet concepts and efforts. As a voice for good science, good management and common sense, Tim has made a difference in Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest, in North America, and globally. We are proud to recognize our 2012 Trail Boss, Tim Deboodt!