Trail Boss Award 2018: Sandy Wyman

Sandy Wyman has been a member of five different SRM sections. These are Wyoming, Northern Great Plains, South Dakota, International Mountain, and Pacific Northwest. She has been a cherished and valuable member of each, and while each undoubtedly claims her, it is the Pacific Northwest Section of the Society for Range Management who can proudly […]

In for the Long Haul Award 2018: Mike Malmberg

Fifty four years ago, Mike Malmberg joined the Society for Range Management and became a member of the Pacific Northwest Section. For fifty four years (and counting) Mike has given full measure to the profession of rangeland management and ecology. For this entire time Mike has devoted his time, his energy, and his talent to […]

2015 Special Award: Bill Rickard

This year, the Section presented a Special Award to Dr. William H. Rickard.  Janelle Downs and William Rickard treated our group to a fascinating overview of 40+ years of Environmental Research at the Arid Lands Ecology Reserve during the afternoon just prior to our banquet. This award was a fitting addendum to that wonderful presentation. […]