Welcome to PNW-SRM

About Our Organization

The Pacific Northwest Section of the Society for Range Management encompasses the states of Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and the province of British Columbia. We operate under a set of bylaws adopted in July 1990. Our current membership is approximately 360. Our Section holds two Section Meetings a year that are rotated among Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

Our Goals
Our Vision

The PNW Section believes that properly functioning ecosystems provide for the long term sustainability of watersheds, plants, animals, and people.

Our Mission

To promote ways to maintain or enhance the diversity of the ecological community critical to watersheds, plants, animals, and people that depend on rangelands for their sustenance.

Want to learn more about SRM?

SRM’s members are land managers, scientists, educators, students, producers and conservationists–a diverse membership guided by a professional code of ethics and unified by a strong land ethic. View the parent website to learn more about The Society for Range Management.