Call for Nominations, 2020

The PNW Section will be holding a virtual Annual General Meeting in Oct 2020. At that meeting the elections for the new Board of Directors will be made. Past Section President, Wendy Gardner, is helping with the succession planning and is making a call for nominations for the available positions.  

The positions that we have available are:

  • Two Director Positions – each a 3 year term
  • 2nd VP  – this is a 1 year term but then transitions into 1st VP (1 year) and finally President (1 year)

Director duties (summarized from the bylaws): The Board manages the affairs and funds of the Section. It takes measures to disseminate technical knowledge and meeting announcements. It meets annually each fall and at other times and places as it shall direct or at the call of the President, which has been approximately quarterly.

2nd VP duties: Fulfills duties of the President when the President and 1st VP are absent or otherwise incapacitated.  Attends all meetings of the Board, which have been approximately quarterly.

For nominations or questions contact Wendy Gardner. You may put your own name forward or nominate others. If you nominate another person, please share their email contact information so that we can follow-up and make sure they are willing to let their name stand.

Many thanks,

Wendy Gardner, Ph.D., P.Ag
Associate Professor, Department of Natural Resource Sciences
Thompson Rivers University