PNW-SRM Awards

Exemplary Service Award 2017: Tom Platt

Tom Platt seems to enjoy working behind the scenes. It is remarkable how much a quiet, but dedicated individual can accomplish by providing solid advice with little fanfare and by using a calm voice of reason!

Tom began this journey into rangeland issues nearly four decades ago. In the 1980’s he published newsletters and held educational meetings concerning grass tetney. He also published newsletters and held educational meetings on sagebrush control using fire about that same time.

In the 1980’s-2010, Tom Platt published newsletters, held field days, and presented educational meetings on Lupine and Crooked Calf Syndrome. In the 1990’s-the 2000’s Mr. Platt did similar educational enterprises germane to riparian grazing.

In 2012, Tom was the leader of the Rancher’s Forum, and chaired several other sessions during the PNW’s hosting of the SRM Annual Meeting in Spokane.

Currently he has been involved with Section hosting activities as the PNW journeyed to Eastern Washington for its summer tour and workshop.

And, oh, by the way, he is the PNW Co-Chair/Webmaster for the Section. WOW!

This quiet, effective man has proven his worth time and time again! Not bad for someone who claims to be self-taught in rangeland ecology. Tom has modestly stated that he learned from professionals in the field who generously gave of their time and expertise. I’m sure these individuals were good teachers and role models…but they obviously had a bright, dedicated person with whom to work!

Tom, we are proud of you and all that you have accomplished… and the Pacific North West Section of the Society for Range Management is pleased to present you with the 2017 Exemplary Service Award!