PNW-SRM Awards

Exemplary Service Award 2020: Tip Hudson

Tip and his daughter, Vivian, at the Winecup Gamble Ranch in northern Nevada.

To read Tip Hudson’s resume is to become awed by how much this individual has accomplished!   Mr. Hudson is the County Director of the WSU Kittitas County Extension Service where he holds the rank of Associate Professor.

He was educated in Range Resources at the University of Idaho where he received both BS and MS degrees.  Before joining the WSU Extension Service, Tip was the Executive Vice President of the Washington Cattlemen’s Association.  

Tip’s achievements include a dozen awards for communications and outstanding achievement;  dozens of program revenue sponsorships for educational programing;  over a million and a half dollars in funding from private and non-profit sources;  about 300 publication titles ranging from peer reviewed journals, peer reviewed extension articles, a book chapter;  abstracts, posters, videos, and  international/national/state &  regional/and local lay and popular journal articles.  

Mr. Hudson has served on numerous professional society and community committees.  

He has served the Pacific Northwest Section/Society for Range Management as a member of the Board of Directors and as our President.

He is currently running for a position on the Parent Society SRM Board of Directors.

All of these accomplishments are impressive . . . but the standout exemplary service item is The Art of Range Podcast, now 80 episodes deep, in which Tip interviews experts from all over on the science and management of rangelands. Start listening today in your favorite podcasting app or at to experience ‘education and conservation through conversation.’ Be sure to also check out a series of short documentaries on rangeland resiliency produced by WSU’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources which are paired with written publications describing the science behind each ranch’s management. These can be viewed and downloaded at

These are wonderful, well done videos which will be educational far into the future.  Nice work, Tip!  Thank you for this—and for all of your contributions!

The Pacific Northwest Section/Society for Range Management is pleased to award the 2020 Exemplary Service Award to Mr. Tipton Hudson!