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In for the Long Haul Award 2014: Bob Leonard

Bob Leonard 2014 PNW Section "In For The Long Haul" Award
Bob Leonard 2014 PNW Section “In For The Long Haul” Award

James Brunner maintained his interest in a variety of activities, including natural resources and rangeland management until his dying day. This award honors those whose spirit is kindred to that kind of faithful concern and activity.
Robert “Bob” Leonard is this year’s recipient. And an excellent choice he is!
Bob began his college career at OSU, then Oregon Agricultural College, and later transferred to Utah State University, where he received his BS. For a number of years following graduation he worked for the US Forest Service, leaving in 1962 to return to Logan and USU to study for his MS degree, which he received in 1965. He then went to work for the Bureau of Land Management, in the Lands Division, until his first retirement in 1982. Next followed a 7 year stint with the Noxious Weed Control Board until his second retirement—only to take on a position with the Nature Conservancy for an additional two years….his final retirement (from a paycheck) came in 1995.
In these retirement years, Bob has been anything but retired. He has served the Society for Range Management long and faithfully, and has been especially true to the Pacific Northwest Section, he served as our budget director and as our craftsman for award plaques for many years. He continues to attend nearly every meeting and is always a thoughtful and concerned participant in everything from technical tours to discussions on philosophy!
And just in case you might think Bob is limited to “all things rangeland” you might be surprised to note that he is a longtime member of the Experimental Aircraft Association, EAA, where he was a pilot of experimental aircraft as well as a glider pilot. In fact, he and the Moses Lake EAA Club are currently hard at work building another experimental aircraft! To round out his many talents, did you know that he was a member of the Master Theater group? Yep; lending his skill and talent in the front and at the back of the house….and has done so for years!
Bob Leonard is indeed in for the long haul! We hold him in high regard and with genuine respect. We are pleased to call him “faithful friend!”