PNW-SRM Awards

In for the Long Haul Award 2012: Alf Bawtree

Jim Brunner was the PNW SRM’er who failed to “hang up his spurs”, serving SRM for decades, throughout a distinguished career, into retirement, and until his death. This award recognizes people who devote their careers, and their entire lives to the betterment of rangelands and the people associated with them.

Alf Bawtree has served British Columbia, and all of North America long and well. He is recognized for excellent hosting of field excursions, and his equally excellent hosting of post-tour activities; for constant support of PNW and especially it’s younger members; for his constant good humour (BC Spelling!); and near perfect attendance at PNW Section activities. Alf is an example of what a professional should be. We are proud to honor Alf Bawtree with the Brunner Long Haul Award!