PNW-SRM Awards

In for the Long Haul Award 2020: Tom Brannon

What a guy!  We all know Tom Brannon and his lovely wife, Kathy, as strong supporters and believers in rangeland management and in the people who live and work on the land.  We know Tom as someone who will pitch in and help where needed, and we know Tom and Kathy as wonderful, friendly people who always have a smile and an encouraging word.  To know the Brannons is a huge pleasure and a great gift! 

But did you know that Tom first joined the Society for Range Management in 1958?

Did you know that Tom served in the military as a 1st Lieutenant/US Army/Combat Engineer?

Did you know that Tom has been an agency range con (BLM), a ranch manager , and the Supervisor of the WSU Colockum Multiple Use Research Station?

Did you know that Tom is a past President of the PNW/SRM and a former PNW Trail Boss awardee?

Did you know that during his career Tom led horseback resource tours, graduate student research, field trips, and landowner resource extension training and education?

Did you know that Tom is a private pilot, a sailor, manages a vineyard, makes wine, and sings in two choirs?

Did you know that Tom is involved in management of the family farm located in Ohio (which has been in the family since 1875)?

Did you know that Tom is still active in monitoring rangelands and tracks the rare Astragalus sinuatus  on the Colockum?

What you almost certainly did know is that Tom and Kathy are incredibly upbeat and are not looking back– but are looking forward to a fantastic future!

The Pacific Northwest Section/ Society for Range Management is proud to present the 2020 James Brunner : In for the Long Haul Award to Tom Brannon!