Each Fall, the Section members elect a Second Vice-President and two new members to the Board of Directors. The Second Vice-President becomes First Vice-President the following year and then President. Board members are elected to three year terms of office. The election is conducted through the mail. The immediate past president chairs the nominating committee.

The Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by the President with approval of Board.  The Treasurer, who is also the Corporate Representative, must reside in Oregon, where our section is incorporated.  The Newsletter Editor serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors.

Additionally, the Section has several committees to help in the conduct of the Section. Committee positions are appointed by the President from among the membership. At the Section level, some of the more active committees include Student Activities (college and high school), Membership, Fund Raising, Business and Financial Affairs, and Young Professional Conclave (YPC) Liaison Program Committee.

Officers, 2021

PresidentNick Vora, ORUnlisted
1st Vice PresidentCarlos Ochoa
2nd Vice PresidentVacant, pending

Directors, 2021

Term Ends 2021Dustin Johnson, OR
Term Ends 2021Ricardo Mata Gonzalez, OR
Term Ends 2022
Julie Conley, WAUnlisted
Term Ends 2022Vacant, replacement pending
Term Ends 2023Casey Matney, AK
Term Ends 2023Amanda Miller, BC

Appointees, 2020

TreasurerJamie McCormack, OR

Recent Past Presidents, 2021

2020Jeff Burnham, WA c
2019Wendy Gardner, BC
2018Maura Laverty, OR
2017Sandra Wyman, WA
2016Tim Deboodt, OR
2015 and earlier

Committee Chairs, 2020

AwardsJohn Buckhouse, OR c
BudgetJeffrey Burhnam, WA
HSYFGabi Johnson, OR
HistoryLynne and John Breese, OR
MembershipPeter Schreder, OR
Outreach and
Bob Gillaspy, WA
Student ActivitiesAndrea Mann, OR
Young Professional
Conclave (YPC)
Liaison Program
Sarah Schwarz, BC

Outreach and Communications, 2020

NewsletterJenni Moffitt, OR w
Web PageBob Gillaspy, WA‬ c
Web PageTom Platt, WA

Chapters, 2021

AKCasey Matney, Soldotna
BCDavid Borth, Kamloops c
Central ORTim Deboodt, Prineville
OSU CorvallisPending
OSU LaGandeBryan Endress, LaGrande c
Southern ORLes Boothe, Lakeview
WACathy Cannon, Okanogan c

Download more detailed leadership contact information here (update pending).