PNW-SRM Awards

Outstanding Achievement: Kevin Guinn

Long-time supporter of the Society for Range Management, Kevin Guinn, has distinguished himself repeatedly. He has served in nearly every office in the Pacific Northwest Section; he is respected and valued in Washington and beyond for his expertise as the State Range Management Specialist with the USDA-NRCS; he is well schooled in all thing range management – from plant physiology to planning to grazing management to endangered species; and he did a superb job as Co-Chair (one of the “Three Amigos”) at the 2012 SRM Annual Meeting in Spokane, which was arguably one of the best annual meetings, ever!

Kevin loves working with on-the-ground people! He is warmly regarded across the state of Washington as he presents his workshops and trainings to citizens of all ilk: agency personnel, concerned citizens, school groups, as well as land owners and stewards. This willingness to share his expertise, wisdom and experience has served him in good stead as he takes his message of stewardship across the state and beyond. Mr. Guinn is the kind of person with whom everyone enjoys working. He is smart, capable, logical, knowledgeable, and kind. What a wonderful combination!