PNW-SRM Awards

Outstanding Achievement: Sandy Wyman

Sandra K. Wyman’s work with the National Riparian Service Team constitutes a dream job for many people. She travels the nation, and in fact the world, with a strong message and with the technical skills to mediate riparian area conflicts and disputes. Her message is that, with proper management, one can enjoy the benefits and values germane to riparian areas while at the same time protecting and enhancing the environment.

Ms. Wyman calls it like she sees it. She is quick to point out how livestock can be used as a tool for the betterment of riparian areas; and she is equally quick to point out that in certain instances, circumstances, and locations, livestock are inappropriate. This courage and honesty has earned Sandy the reputation of being balanced, fair, and even handed. Even in situations where tempers are short and voices are tending to be loud, everyone quiets and listens when Sandy Wyman speaks. At the end of the day, most recognize that by working together with science-based approaches we can all receive the benefits of a sustainable resource.