PNW-SRM Awards

Trail Boss Award 2014: Bob France

Bob France 2014 PNW Sectin Trail Boss Award
Bob France 2014 PNW Sectin Trail Boss Award

Bob France is a remarkable man.
He is well educated, well spoken, and presents well. He has served the Pacific Northwest Section, Society for Range Management long and well.
Bob has been a member of SRM since 1981. He has served as Director and President of the PNW. He served the international Parent Society as Co-Chair of the Summer Tour, Kamloops, in 1987 and as Co-Chair of the international Annual Meeting, Vancouver, in 2006.
Bob has served as District Agriculturist, BC Ministry of Agriculture, providing extension services in rangelands, grain, forage, and livestock. He was the Provincial Beef Specialist, BC Ministry of Agriculture for the entire province of British Columbia. And he served as the Provincial Operations Manager for the large and influential BC Cattlemen’s Association.
Bob and his family are avid outdoors persons, skiing, hiking, camping, fly fishing, mountain biking, photographing, and traveling—all against a natural resource/rangeland backdrop.
Listen to this testimonial: “I have known Bob France for over three decades. I have strong feeling about the individual: he is interesting, with a fascinating set of experiences and background; he is completely honest in all of his dealings concerning all things natural resources; he is dedicated to doing right by the land, the people and animals who live on the land, and by his family. Mr. France has influenced thousands of private and public individuals; he has educated people from school kids to multiple generation landowners—and everyone in between. Mr. France believes in what he is doing and therefore he is compelling in the message he delivers. And Finally, Bob France is fun. He has a quick wit, a lively sense of enjoyment, and a ready laugh. Everyone in his presence quickly realizes that he/she is in the company of a person who cares about the important things and who can find reasons to smile about life.”
The Pacific Northwest Section, Society for Range Management is proud to present its highest honor, the Trail Boss Award, to Mr. Bob France!