PNW-SRM Awards

Trail Boss Award 2018: Sandy Wyman

Sandy Wyman has been a member of five different SRM sections. These are Wyoming, Northern Great Plains, South Dakota, International Mountain, and Pacific Northwest. She has been a cherished and valuable member of each, and while each undoubtedly claims her, it is the Pacific Northwest Section of the Society for Range Management who can proudly declare that this is her home!

Sandy has been a rangeland manager and a riparian specialist for the BLM during her tenure within the PNW. Ms. Wyman’s work with the National Riparian Service Team would constitute a dream job for many people. She traveled the nation, in fact the world, with a message and with the technical skills to mediate riparian area conflicts and disputes. Her message is that with proper management one can enjoy the benefits and values germane to riparian areas while at the same time protecting and enhancing the environment. At the same time, Ms. Wyman calls it like she sees it. She has always been quick to point out that there are certain circumstances, instances, and locations where livestock are inappropriate. This courage and honesty has earned her the reputation of being balanced, fair, and even handed. Even in situations where tempers are short and voices are tending toward loud, everyone quiets and listens when Sandy speaks. At the end of the day, most recognize that by working together with science-based approaches we can all receive the benefits of a sustainable resource.

This unique individual has earned a world-wide reputation and yet is considered one of the pillars of the regional Pacific Northwest Section of SRM. She has served the Society well, from a variety of committee memberships from the local to the international level….as well as having served as President of the PNW and as a member of the Board of Directors at the parent society level. She has been awarded the PNW’s Exemplary Service Award and the parent society’s Outstanding Achievement award.

Sandy has recently retired from the BLM, but plans to remain in the Section and will without doubt remain a stalwart within our group.

Look around you. Everyone in this room is interesting, dedicated, and valuable….Yet who else but Sandy Wyman do you know who has laid claim to the title “Riparian Goddess”?!

Sandy Wyman, it is with pleasure that the Pacific Northwest Section of the Society for Range Management bestows upon you its highest honor, the title of “Trail Boss”!