PNW-SRM Awards

Trail Boss Award 2015: Bob Gillaspy

2015 PNW Section Trail Boss Award

Need an important job done? Ask a busy person. Better yet, ask a person who is known to be tried and true.

Our very own Bob Gillaspy is that person!

Mr. Gillaspy graduated from Pomona College, Claremont, CA with a degree in Botany in 1977; from there he went to Boston University for licensure and certification in chemistry; from there to Washington State University for a Master’s degree in Forest and Range Management, granted in 1984; and that same year he also received certification from Spokane Community College in Animal Nutrition.

After graduation from WSU, Bob spent several months as a self-employed consultant on the Spokane Indian Reservation, documenting and mapping ecological sites in accordance with Soil Conservation Service standards. From there he worked for several more months with the US Forest Service out of Wenatchee, WA, where he was involved with intensive vegetative plot sampling. After that it was off to the Natural Resources Conservation Service where he has continued his career. In the years since Bob joined the NRCS in 1987, he has held a myriad of rangeland jobs in Washington and Oregon…..successfully, we hasten to add…. up to and including his current position as Oregon’s State Rangeland Management Specialist!

Mr. Gillaspy is involved with and competent in a wide variety of rangeland activities, professionally, from co-authoring a chapter in “Pasture and Grazing Management of the Northwest”, to presentation of a poster concerning sage grouse habitat on grazing lands of Oregon; to a poster about climate derivation from ecological sites. Th in addition to his multiple responsibilities associated with all things soil and rangeland related in his job as NRCS’s top rangeland specialist and “go to” person in Oregon.

In the midst of it all, Bob has generously devoted time and talent to the Society for Range Management. He has actively participated in the technical meetings and leadership of the Section and at the Parent Society Level. Within the PNW, Bob has served on most of the committees, has risen through the “Chairs” to serve on the Board of Directors and ultimately as President of the Section.

Mr. Gillaspy is well recognized by the NRCS, having won 6 certificates of merit and 3 certificates of appreciation. He is also well received and appreciated by his colleagues and friends in the Society for Range Management….and we are pleased and proud to recognize him for the top award the Pacific Northwest Section offers: The Trail Boss Award!