PNW-SRM Awards

Trailboss Award 2020: Kevin Guinn

Kevin Guinn began his noteworthy career with the NRCS in 1977.  He joined the Society for Range Management the same year.  In the 43 years since, he has proven his mettle time and time again!

Prior to retirement,  Mr. Guinn most recently served as the Washington State Range Management Specialist where he planned and implemented a variety of Coordinated Resource Management projects and spearheaded a Sage Grouse Initiative with ranchers and agency personnel that was wildly successful and funded by  well over $500,000 in  grant allocations and $1.3Million in rancher contracts!  Additionally, Kevin was extremely active in providing workshops and trainings across the state to agencies, Tribal, rancher, and citizen groups to the tune of several each year over a 30+ year career!

Kevin has been well received by the NRCS, having garnered more than 25 merit awards from the NRCS during his career.  A career highlight for Mr. Guinn was the reception in 2016 of the USDA Agency-wide, “Unsung Hero” Award for recognition of “the highest level of service to the public”! 

At the parent society and section levels of the SRM, Kevin has been a tireless yet quiet presence.  He was one of the “Three Amigos” who planned the 2012 SRM Annual Meeting in Spokane.  He has also served on SRM Annual Meeting planning teams for the 1992 (Spokane) and the 2006 (Vancouver) meetings.  He is the long-time preparer of the PNW award plaques and continues in that capacity to this day.  He has served on nearly every committee and office within the PNW, including having served as both a Director and as the President.

The international parent society, the Society for Range Management, and the Pacific Northwest Section are proud of Kevin and have shown their appreciation in a number of ways over the years.   At the parent society level, Kevin was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award in 2014.  At the Section level, Kevin has been awarded the Exemplary Service Award and today he is receiving the highest award our Section has to offer.

Kevin Guinn is a wonderful family man, a wonderful asset to his community, and perhaps the only person we know personally who has hiked the entire length of the Pacific Crest Trail!

Mr. Kevin Guinn has done a remarkable job of bringing the art and science of Rangeland Management to the fore.  He is fully deserving of the PACIFIC NORTHWEST SECTION’S HIGHEST HONOR THE TRAIL BOSS AWARD!