Fighting fire with seeds; BYU helps native plants survive

Sharing some good news.  BYU and UNR collaborative research.  UNR Stringham Lab, Great Basin Sagebrush Restoration Fund (Stringham) and Matt Madsen at BYU.

Fighting fire with seeds; BYU helps native plants survive
BYU seed coating technology helps restore native plants after devastating wildfires Using seed enhancement technology never before used in rangeland restoration.

Tamzen Stringham, Ph.D. 

  • Rangeland & Riparian Scientist
  • Dept. of Agriculture, Veterinary & Rangeland Sciences
  • University of Nevada, Reno
  • 775-784-6755 office
  • 775-784-1375 fax
  • 775-220-6602 cell

Fall Newsletter Available, Volume 71 Number 2

In the October newsletter, President Jeff Burnham urges “thoughtfulness and understanding in a time when so many voices seek to capitalize on fear and misfortune.”

The following were announced:

Two National awards presented Presented at the 73rd SRM Annual Meeting in Denver were cited:

  • Maura Laverty, Outstanding Achievement Award—Land Stewardship
  • OR Threat-Based Land Management Team comprised of Tony Svejcar, Vanessa Schroeder, Dustin Johnson,  and Chad Boyd; Outstanding Achievement Award—Land Stewardship

Candidate profiles for PNW SRM Board of Directors and a ballot due October 19 were included.