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Society for Range Management

To promote ways to maintain or enhance the integrity of the ecological community critical to the watersheds, plants, animals & people that depend on rangelands for their sustenance.

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Society for Range Management

The International Society for Range Management is the professional scientific society and conservation organization whose members study, conserve, manage and sustain the varied resources of the rangelands which include prairie, shrublands, woodlands, and savannahs.

The Pacific Northwest Section strives for properly functioning ecosystems providing for sustainability of watersheds, plants, animals and people. Our goal is to maintain a high degree of professionalism among the membership through workshops, symposia, written materials and training sessions.

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"The supportive network and connections that come along with membership are so valuable. There is such a depth of knowledge and incredible mentors that are part of SRM. Everyone is so supportive, especially when you are at the early stages of your career!"
Amanda Miller
PNW-SRM Member
"I belong to SRM to network with those who share a common interest in rangeland management and to keep current with rangeland research that is relevant to my interests and to the practical application of management techniques."
Ken Visser
PNW-SRM Member
"There are many good reasons to feel proud about being an SRM member in the Pacific Northwest Section. The most important one is about the people, the comradery, the love for the land, and the shared passion for range management; that makes the PNW Section so wonderful!"
Carlos Ochoa, PhD
PNW-SRM Member

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