PNW-SRM Awards

In for the Long Haul Award 2013: Don Blumenaur

Jim Brunner was the PNW SRM’er who failed to “hang up his spurs”, serving SRM for decades, throughout a distinguished career, into retirement, and until his death. This award recognizes people who devote their careers, and their entire lives to the betterment of rangelands and the people associated with them.

Our PNW members represent solid thinking and strong concern for the rangelands of the world. For decades, some have carried this banner with a passion and a will to make a difference. That describes Don Blumenauer who was a leader in PNW and Parent Society during his active career. He has kept this passion in retirement. Don is a friend and mentor to everyone. With a word of encouragement to all, he is enjoyable and valuable. No stuffed shirt here; Don Blumenauer is good, strong common sense coupled with warmth and enthusiasm.