PNW-SRM Awards

Exemplary Service Award 2022: Claudia Ingham


The Pacific Northwest Section, Society for Range Management is fortunate to have such a versatile and talented member as Dr. Claudia Ingham!

Claudia has a fascinating educational background, having received her BS degree at the University of California, Davis, in International Agricultural Development; her MSc degree at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, in Tropical Animal Production and Health; and her PhD degree at Oregon State University, Corvallis, studying the use of goats to target the grazing of invasive blackberries.

Dr. Ingham has an equally interesting career path, having served as the Animal Caretaker for OHSU’s medical research animals; a Transport Analyst negotiating shipping rates of lumber in the northwestern US and in British Columbia; thirteen years as a secondary school, science teacher; and for the past 13 years as an Instructor and Senior Instructor for the Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences at OSU.

She holds life-time certification with the American Riding Instructors Association for recreational riding, eventing, and dressage.  Additionally, she developed the professional, Targeted Grazier Certification for the Society for Range Management which is designed to provide professional criteria certifying individuals to use herbivores to target specific noxious and invasive species.

She has taught scores of classes and presented numerous workshops at OSU, within the PNW and SRM, and elsewhere.  She has written technical and lay journal articles on livestock management and targeted grazing.

Dr. Ingham developed each of the many classes she has taught and is highly renown for her abilities to share knowledge and to encourage students to delve deeper into each of the subjects on hand.  To this end, she has received two national teaching awards recognizing her achievements!

In addition, she has served the SRM and the PNW as Chair of the Targeted Grazing Committee (parent society) and as a member of the Board of Directors (section level).

The PNW Section is proud of Dr. Claudia Ingham’s on-going efforts to manage animals and land….as is especially proud of her influence on developing young students as they make career choices which ultimately will benefit all resources!

Congratulations, Claudia, on being recognized as the 2022 Pacific Northwest Section, Society for Range Management’s  EXEMPLARY SERVICE AWARDEE!