PNW-SRM Awards

In for the Long Hall Award 2017: Maureen Malenstyn

Maureen Malenstyn was in for the long haul even before she had signed up for the “haul”.   During the preparations for the SRM Annual Meetings being held in Vancouver, BC, the planning committee was often perplexed about how to book a given venue, a bus company, a local tour, a “hot spot” for high school delegates, etc. Perplexed because the PNW didn’t have a single member who was living in the greater Vancouver area. “ I’ll bet Wendy’s Mum would know” became the rallying cry. And she did! And ever more than that, she would volunteer to make the necessary arrangements!

In the years since then, Maureen has become instrumental in all sorts of Pacific Northwest Section activities. Maureen has been involved in escorting and educating Thompson’s Rivers University students to most, if not all, of the SRM annual meetings held across North America. These students have learned to rely on her good sense, logical judgment, keen sense of humour, and strong enjoyment of learning coupled with fun!

Maureen has also attended each of the PNW summer tours, annual meetings, and even an SRM/International Grasslands educational tour in Mongolia! She rapidly became a fixture in the organization with her unassuming good nature and quiet advice on all kinds of topics from social issues to technical ones.

From her first introduction to the Section, Maureen Malenstyn became friends with everyone. Those friendships have evolved into a deep respect for the talents and enthusiasm which this remarkable person demonstrates at every turn. She certainly has earned her stripes and the Pacific Northwest Section of the Society for Range Management is pleased to award her the 2017 James Brunner: In for the Long Haul Award!