PNW-SRM Awards

In for the Long Haul Award 2023: Kevin Guinn

2023 James Brunner “In for the Long Haul” Award. Kevin Guinn

Kevin Guinn holding In For The Long Haul Plaque with Saundra Morris
Kevin Guinn and Saundra Morris with Long Haul Award

For 47 years Kevin Guinn has faithfully served the Society for Range Management. In his career with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Kevin amassed an enviable record of accomplishments ranging from earning the Agency-wide Unsung Hero Award in 2016 to a whole host of achievements—-on-the-ground—- which made the state of Washington, The Pacific Northwest, North America, and indeed the globe, a better, kinder, more sustainable place! 

Kevin has been a true and faithful member of the Pacific Northwest Section always ready to lend a helping hand or to assume leadership at each and every turn. He has also been a true and faithful friend to fellow PNW members, to his community, and to his family. 

Mr. Guinn has served numerous offices at both the Chapter and the Section level. He has been our President. He has been one of the Three Amigos who planned the 2012 SRM Annual Meeting in Spokane as well as a member of the SRM Annual Meeting Planning Committees for the 1992 (Spokane) and 2006 (Vancouver) international gatherings. He has served as PNW Director. He earned the PNW Exemplary Service Award in 2009. He earned the Parent Society’s Outstanding Achievement Award in 2014. AND he won the Pacific Northwest’s highest honor, the Trail Boss Award in 2020! 

Kevin is a regular attendee to and contributor at Chapter and Section meetings and tours . He has for years—and continues to this day—prepared the award plaques for the Section and the Parent Society. And although retired, Kevin Guinn is often found leading a workshop and/or tour for interested and upcoming rangeland aficionados! The man is the very embodiment of the essence of “IN FOR THE LONG HAUL”! 

The Pacific Northwest Section of the Society for Range Management is proud of Kevin Guinn and it is pleased to name him the recipient of the 2023 JAMES BRUNNER: IN FOR THE LONG HAUL AWARD!