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PNW Communications Update


PNW Communications Update

The PNW section website update is done!  Please go to and check it out.  Look for all your favorite items and find some new ones.  Let the section Communications group know what you like, what is missing, and any suggestions for new content.  If you are interested in learning how the website works (behind the curtains), get in touch with Tom Platt or Bob Gillaspy.  Training and support are available.

The PNW section of SRM has a Facebook page.  Check out  Like the page to follow and get updates in your personal Facebook feed.
This newsletter is guest edited by Bob Gillaspy.  Please volunteer to guest edit a future newsletter.  Much of the content is already provided.  Training is available.  A permanent newsletter editor is much needed!  Let Bob Gillaspy or Tom Platt know if you are interested.

line drawing of person with megaphone.
Person communicating with a megaphone.