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President’s Message: Tim Ross


Oops, we goofed! If you are looking for Tim’s August 10, 2023 message, click here.  Otherwise, read on.

Greetings my fellow SRMers!

I’ve been reflecting on the impact of our collective work and have some thoughts to share with you. In chaos such as weather disasters, Covid, recession, housing prices etc. we remain committed to our vision for this organization, as a group of engaged and experienced professionals.

In my home life, we are undergoing a major house renovation. I am trying to get a website up for my business, coordinate beef deliveries, deal with winter, firewood etc. while balancing my regular work as well. The only safe place seems to be found when I go outside and pet a dog or hug a horse. It is one of those stretches in life that we all experience at one time or another.

Looking at it from a little further out, a house renovation is a perfect metaphor for life. If we want to make something better, we have to endure a little pain and suffering along the way. When problems arise, they must be dealt with.

A little news from the SRM home front. We have made some big changes in our communications procedure and this message is evidence of that. Many thanks to the Chair of the committee, Bob Gillaspy, as well as Tom Platt, Amanda Miller, Jordan Anderson, and several others.

This seems like a good time to get in a little promo for our upcoming PNW Summer Tour which will be held in British Columbia, right here in my backyard. We’re rolling out the welcome mat and hope to see you in Cranbrook, June 21-22, 2023. Don’t miss out on the fun!  We’ll have a great tour for you, lots of music, and more than a few good laughs. This is what it’s about in the end, the connection and camaraderie we share!


Tim Ross, PNW-SRM President