PNW-SRM Awards

In for the Long Haul Award 2018: Mike Malmberg

Fifty four years ago, Mike Malmberg joined the Society for Range Management and became a member of the Pacific Northwest Section. For fifty four years (and counting) Mike has given full measure to the profession of rangeland management and ecology. For this entire time Mike has devoted his time, his energy, and his talent to making not only British Columbia rangelands better, but there has been a ripple effect across the entire North American continent.

During this time frame Mr. Malmberg has served as a Professional Agrologist, he has been a Certified Professional in SRM, he has acted as a consultant on a wide variety of rangeland and agricultural issues, and he and his wife, Sharon, have owned and operated a market farm business.

Mike has served as President of the British Columbia Chapter. He has served as PNW Section President, he has served on the Parent Society’s Awards Committee as Chair, and he served as Co-Chair of the Plenary Session at the Parent Society’s 2006 Annual Meeting. In addition to the high ranking positions at all levels of the Society, Mr. Malmberg has faithfully served in nearly every capacity at the Chapter and Section levels, never failing to heed the call to service.

In Mike’s professional role he has developed a British Columbia-wide manual supporting a wildlife damage compensation program; he provided the assessment of the economic status of ranch operations in BC following a Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy Outbreak in 2003; he provided the environmental and soil impacts reporting concerning effluent spray irrigation; he reviewed grazing lease costs for operators using Crown Land in Alberta. And he was the lead Agrologist in the Kooteney Region providing extension style education and collaboration for decades.

Mike is a quiet, hardworking, honest individual who is thoughtful and unassuming. When he was awarded the international Society for Range Management’s Outstanding Achievement Award in 2012, one of his nominators said, “ Mike is the sort of fellow that everyone wants on their team!”

Mike and Sharon have recently retired from their store and market farm….but they haven’t retired from life and you can bet they haven’t retired from the Pacific Northwest Section of the Society for Range Management!

No question about it: Mike is the kind of guy that we all want on our team!