Washington Chapter

Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation

Approved by the Membership at the virtual meeting on 3/4/21. Next step, file for non-profit corporation status with Washington Secretary of State.


Summer Meeting will be hosted by Washington Chapter in June. It will be a virtual meeting. Join the discussion about topics by commenting on the topics list here. If you would like to add to or edit the document, contact Tom Platt. If you would like to produce a video segment for the virtual summer meeting and(or) showcase something in your area, contact Cathy Cannon.

Board Meetings (virtual) are scheduled for 4:00 p.m. on the second Thursday of March, May, July, September, 2021. Register here for the March 11th meeting.

Annual Meeting was held by Zoom on Thursday, December 17 at 4 p.m. Watch here for minutes….

Washington Chapter Leadership

President, 2022Cathy Cannon, Okanogan c
Vice President, 2021Hannah Tomlinson, Nespelem c
Secretary, 2022Angela Williams, Clarkston c
Treasurer, 2021Tom Platt, Davenport c
Director, 2021Bob Gillaspy, Vancouver c
Director, 2022Saundra Morris, Colville c