Washington Chapter


Annual Meeting was held by Zoom on Thursday, December 17 at 4 p.m. Watch here for minutes.

Draft Documents

We have begun drafting Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation for our chapter. Surprisingly, this had never been completed in the past after several chapters within Washington merged to form the Washington Chapter. Tom Platt drafted the documents as a starting point for discussion among the members.

Creating Bylaws and Incorporating as a non-profit in Washington state creates a legal framework for our existence and financial transactions and provides some liability protection for members and officers in conducting our affairs.

In drafting these documents, Tom followed guidelines provided by Washington Secretary of State and the booklet Washington Non-profit Handbook. Tom invites you to bring other resources to the table.

Tom’s original documents were posted on this page. After discussing the originals with Board members prior to, and with Members at the annual meeting, Tom made a few revisions. The revised documents are now accessible on Google Docs:


Articles of Incorporation

Please comment on and revise these documents as you see fit. You cannot damage them. Your revisions show up in Tom’s Google account as suggestions, and he will accept, modify, or reject them in his capacity as editor of the documents. This will be an ongoing process that is expected to last through January, 2021. Before substantively modifying or rejecting your revisions, he will discuss them with you, and he encourages you to re-submit your revisions if, following that discussion, you see fit. Tom’s is not the final word. In the end, it is up to the Board and members to approve or reject these or alternative documents, and Tom endeavors to incorporate members’ ideas as much as possible.

Revision Schedule. Your revisions may be submitted anytime until January 17. Tom will update these drafts accordingly on Sundays, January 3, 10, and 17. The Board will act between January 18 and 23 to 1) approve the revised documents and submit them to the Membership for action on January 24, or 2) continue the revision process. Once the final revised documents are submitted to the Membership, the Board will call for a special Membership meeting to act on the Bylaws. Following Bylaws adoption by the Membership, the Board will act on the Articles of Incorporation, and once approved, submit them to Washington’s Secretary of State.

Contact Tom by email here and by phone at 509-725-0262.