Trail Boss Award 2013: Michael Borman

Collegiate days in Colorado & Oregon, Peace Corps, range specialist in Tunisia, OSU state Rangeland Specialist, researcher, professor in Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences. . . Mike Borman excels and inspires. Everyone is comfortable in his presence . . . yet, clearly respectful of his position, authority, and knowledge. He is diligent in his […]

Trail Boss Award 2012: Tim Deboodt

For nearly two decades, Tim has monitored water relationships under both managed and un-managed areas of juniper encroachment in Central Oregon. This study has definitively proved that the water lost from a site due to juniper presence is not always what one sees: groundwater re-charge has proven to be the critical factor in the semi-arid […]

Trail Boss Award 2011: Greg Tegart

Rangelands of British Columbia are better understood and managed as a direct result of Greg’s technical skill, resource understanding, and ability to direct people toward reasonable, rational and sustainable decisions. He has organized many tours and tecnical sessions at the local and regional level. His ability to “paint a word picture” is strong – and […]