Trail Boss Award 2014: Bob France

Bob France is a remarkable man. He is well educated, well spoken, and presents well. He has served the Pacific Northwest Section, Society for Range Management long and well. Bob has been a member of SRM since 1981. He has served as Director and President of the PNW. He served the international Parent Society as […]

In for the Long Haul Award 2014: Bob Leonard

James Brunner maintained his interest in a variety of activities, including natural resources and rangeland management until his dying day. This award honors those whose spirit is kindred to that kind of faithful concern and activity. Robert “Bob” Leonard is this year’s recipient. And an excellent choice he is! Bob began his college career at […]

Exemplary Service Award 2014: Wendy Gardner

Dr. Wendy Gardner is remarkable! She is a researcher and a teacher at Thompson Rivers University and a hard-working member of the Pacific Northwest Section, Society for Range Management. She does it all—from organizing and planning field excursions to writing professional and extension publications germane to British Columbia grasslands and land management. She has served […]